Copywriting For Wedding Professionals

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You know who you are. But does your copy match up?

Let’s make your words look as good as your work.

Cultured Copy: a copywriting agency inspired by curiosity, cultivated experiences, and iconic locations.

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Meet Megan

Owner, Lead Writer, Serial-Entreprenuer

*Copywriter extraordinaire

*SEO expert & content strategist

*19 years in the wedding industry

*Probably working from an airport lounge

Copywriting for wedding professionals who are

expanding into a destination market.

Image of desk for a writer.

wanting to step into a luxury space. 

Cultured Copy - copywriting for wedding professionals. Making your business sound as great as it is.

finally launching that education offer.

elegant workspace. Perfect for creative vision


website copy

sales pages & launch funnels

monthly copy collections

ghost writing

VIP days

You have something to say

...and I know how to say it.

—in a way that feels authentic and aligned to your brand.

—in a way that is sophisticated but unpretentious.

—and in a way that builds a loyal and defined client base.

I offer a sophisticated approach to copy that communicates clearly and without pretense who you are and what you stand for. 

In other words — copy that is as cultured as you are.

ellis creative is getting a new name

copywriting for wedding professionals

It's time to step fully into your brand.

Let's show the world who you really are.

Do you feel like your copy falls flat and doesn’t really encompass what you offer as a painfully talented creative and entrepreneur?  

You aren’t alone. 

Even the most prolific writers can have a difficult time writing about themselves. Sometimes, it takes a second set of eyes, ones that are emotionally separated from the business, to really be able to put into words what makes you stand out and what makes you special. 

Megan Ellis on a bridge outside of downtown Knoxville

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