Are You Ready to Hire a Copywriter?

8 Ways to Know It’s Time

ready to hire a copywriter

Thinking about hiring a copywriter but aren’t sure if it is the right time? 

You’re in the right spot.  

Here are 8 of the most common reasons people come to me wanting to hire a copywriter. 

8 ways to know you are ready to hire a copywriter

1- You don’t like to write.

Not a writer?  You are ready to hire a copywriter. 

We weren’t meant to be the jack of all trades. 

You started a business because you are good at something—photographer, planning, baking…whatever. This doesn’t mean you have to be good at everything. Or even like everything. 

The beauty of running a business is in the freedom it can give you, not the overbearing workload. 

2 – You have the ideas but can’t find the words to bring them to life.

Sometimes we have a concept but can’t find the words to breathe life into it. 

Or we just have major writer’s block (don’t worry, we all get this sometimes). 

Hiring a copywriter is a way to get it done without going through the struggle of figuring it out yourself. 

3 – You find yourself apologizing for your website

If you find yourself apologizing for your website or sales page instead of proudly sharing it with everyone…. It’s time to outsource that bad boy.

You should be proud of your business, not embarrassed of your site. 

And while we are at redesigning your copy…I know a few great web designers as well. 

4 – You find yourself making excuses not to blog.

If you find yourself making constantly excuses not to blog or to redo that home page or just plain avoiding it,  it may be time to bite the bullet and just let someone take over that part of your business. 

Remember, the less “busy work” you have the more time you have to work in your zone of genius! 

5 – You Truly Don’t Have Time To Start 

If you find yourself putting “start email newsletter” (or any other writing task) on your to-do list every single day but 6 pm hits (or 9 or 10 or midnight… you know who you are), and you still haven’t had time to dig into starting your email newsletter, you are either avoiding it (see point 4) or you truly do not have the time. 

I’ll say this in one form or another throughout this entire blog post: You are a business owner, you are not supposed to be doing everything.

Be honest with yourself. Are you ever going to have time? Is your business ever going to grow with that email newsletter?  The answer may be to just let it go…. Or the answer may be to hire it out. 

Regardless, letting that to-do flow from day-to-day is no help to anyone. 

6 – You Are Too Close to Your Brand

This has always been the most difficult part of writing within my own business—I know, that is a shocking copywriter confession but it is true. 

Writing for something as personal and close to your heart as your business is tricky.

You have so many ideas and feelings about your business that it can be hard to lay it all out in a  neutral, organized way. 

Hiring someone to come in and see your business from a position of neutrality is key. 

7 – You want your business to grow.

If you are ready to grow and expand to create a sustainable business that works for you, then a copywriter is for you. 

You can’t grow your business and keep doing everything. It just isn’t possible.

With growth comes more work but not more hours in the day. 

To successfully grow, you MUST start relinquishing control over certain aspects of your job. 

Otherwise, you will either fail or grow and be miserable and over-worked. There is no in-between. 

8 – You don’t want to work as much.

Or maybe the reason you are looking at hiring a copywriter is that you just don’t want to work as much. 

I think that is amazing. 

We didn’t start our businesses to be slaves to them. 

Wanting more time away from your business is a healthy and commendable choice. 

Go You. 

Start the Hiring Process

If you are ready to hire a copywriter – look no further. 

With over 18 years of owning my own creative business, I know within the depths of my very soul the struggle that goes into running a business and I know how much outsourcing helped my business grow and thrive.  

And now I am going to work with you to get that same growth.

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